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Meet Jeff & Angie

Jeff and Angie have been married since 1991.  They have three adult children: Caleb, Abigail and Miriam.  Their “home” in the United States is Shelby, North Carolina, but their heart is overseas serving on the mission field.  They served one year in India, living in Bangalore and Calcutta, and nine years in Nepal.


In 1998, they felt the call to join God overseas.  They were specifically called to a people group living in the Mustang Valley of the Himalayas of Nepal, the Loba, who practice Tibetan Buddhism.  For several years, they trekked to the mountains with fellow team members and volunteers to share the Gospel among the Loba people.  God granted them the privilege to see the first Loba believers come to Christ before He led them into a new role.  They quickly developed into trainers for church planters, both with their company and among nationals.  They enjoyed training others, especially when they “got it” and saw fruit from their efforts as they spread God’s Glory across South Asia.  They also served as a Player/Coach to both IMB Strategy Coordinators and National Strategy Coordinators.  Over the past twelve years they have seen a number of emerging Church Planting Movements.  


Jeff and Angie said, 


“It is so amazing to see that the God of the Bible still does work today in the same way, and it’s a real joy to see Jesus’ Name lifted up and glorified in South Asia. It has been a privilege to serve David Garrison and 5 other amazing guys on the South Asian leadership team; we have learned so much from these Godly men.”  


Their family returned to the States in 2009 to employ the same training and vision for multiplication in the United States.  Jeff and Angie are presently training local churches to strategically engage a people group, city, or geographical area through church planting.


The overarching vision is that of “No Place Left” (Rom. 15:23), where every tribe, tongue, and nation will hear the gospel.   To strive for that here in North America, they are casting the 50-5-50 Vision: 50 cities in 5 years raising up 50 T4T Trainers to the 4th Generation in each city. As Jeff casts vision for the United States, he reminds us, 


“The US is changing, and in the next 10 years, 187 cities will be majority-minority.  A majority-minority city is a mid-sized to major city with a population that consists mainly of Asian, African, Middle Eastern, and Latino heritage. God has brought the nations to our doorstep.  The ends of the earth are no longer thousands of miles away; they may be your next-door neighbor.  So, God has given us a vision to train people with some simple Gospeling and discipling tools that, if mixed with some loud loving, will have a huge impact on our nation and the nations.  Pray for 50-5-50!  Pray Luke 10:2, as well; we need more laborers.”       


Jeff has an MDiv in International Church Planting and an MA in Intercultural Studies from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.  He  also has a BS in Business Administration from Gardner-Webb University.  He is presently the Director of US Strategies for e3 Partners. 

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