Entry Strategies and Bridges

As the farmer enters an empty field, Jesus entered into lostness. The first stage of the four fields strategy is to engage people who are far from God. Here are two best practices from the Bible; Relational Networks and Houses of Peace.


Gospel Presentations

Next the farmer sows seed in the empty fields. Jesus compares the gospel to seed. We are commanded to share the good news with far from God people. Here are three best practices from around the world.




As the seed sprouts and grows, the farmer nurtures the plants in the field. Jesus helped believers grow by discipling them. We are commanded to make disciples. Here are two best practices from around the world.

discipleship cycle.png

Church Formation

Now that the crop is ready to harvest the farmer gathers them together. Jesus gathers His disciples in to communities called church. We are commanded to gather as the church. Here are two best practices from around the world.

Handy Guide to Church Start

Handy Guide to Healthy Church



The farmer recognizes that the work is so great he trains others to work in the fields with him. Jesus trained leaders that trained leaders. We train multiplying leaders to work in the spiritual harvest fields. Here are two best practices from around the world.


After You 
Reach Movement

We are defining a "movement" as six separate streams of churches to the fourth generation. Now it's time to get a handle on some more tools to sustain the movement.


Four Fields


Foundations of
Emerging Leadership


Confessions of


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